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My name is Jeanette Henderson, I am a local Georgian author and I invite you to explore more about my new book, Fatal Promises.
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Fatal Promises is a ficticious story with real-life overtones that allude to the ills of society in the historical South. An 18-year-old colored boy becomes despondent with the lack of opportunities in a small South Georgia town, so he migrates to New York, hoping for a better life. A six-year-old colored boy is emotionally wounded when his father abandons his mother with no means of support. He vows always to care for his family, if he ever has one. A young, rich southern belle becomes intimate with her employee, whom she vows to love forever, but fate intervenes. A wealthy elderly lady, the sole survivor of her family, hires two young mulattos, promising to defray the cost of their education if they will work in her home for a year. She is very fond of them, but her reward is much greater than her promise.

Fatal Promises is about love, hate, wealth, poverty, good, evil, commitment and success. It is a story that will capture your attention and your heart.


Review by Joe Kilgore


"He slapped Judy very hard across the face. He told her if she said anything about the kidnapping to the sheriff or anyone, he would kill her."

This is a book in the grand Southern tradition. It brings to mind such novels as William Faulkner’s The Sound And The Fury and William H. Armstrong’s Sounder. While it remains to be seen whether or not author Henderson ever reaches the literary heights of those masters, she definitely swings for the fences in this sweeping saga of love and laughter, pain and sorrow, and life in all its inexplicable twists and turns.

The story begins in the 1940s in Georgia. A young black man realizes there’s no future for him in his poverty-riddled community. He flees to New York in search of a better life, but he meets with a bitter end, and his progeny is forced to return to the South. Multiple stories then follow of individuals involved with his lineage. One relays the chronicle of a beautiful young woman beaten and raped by a cruel husband. She later finds love with an honorable man, but the fruits of their union are not without trial. One child becomes a preacher, another a prostitute. Murders ensue. Still, more calamity is to come when two mulattos inherit a fortune from an old white landowner. Bigoted miscreants kidnap their child, and while it doesn’t end well for the criminals, the die is cast for revenge.

Henderson’s plot resembles a mighty river with tributaries that drift here and there, continually adding new players and cascading dynamics to her tale of intertwining lives. It’s impossible to read her opus without getting an acute sense of the terrible racism that pervaded so many relationships. Still, she is able to deliver a never-ending belief in hope—the kind of hope that knows no color, and whose light can never be extinguished.

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Other Reviews


"Fatal Promises is one of the best books I have read in a long time. I was completely engaged every time I picked up the book. I had heard about it for a while, but I wanted to read it when I could enjoy it.

Totally satisfied by the way Jeanette Henderson wrote this book. The characters and events read about in this story feel like real life. I liked all of the characters. They had strong roles whether they were the villain or the victim. This book helped me to see how people really experienced social inequality, abuse, racism, oppression, relationships and so much more. I hope this book is noticed and becomes a movie for sure. I did not grow up during the time periods in the book, but Jeannette Henderson helped me step into those times through her writing. I'm looking for a continuation of the first book. I hope there will be a part two to Fatal Promises. Outstanding job Jeanette Henderson!"


"This is a great book. I started reading this book two months ago and I couldn't put this book down and was thinking about adding that this book will make you think how freedom, love, and education was very pertinent in the days of these stories. You are going to cry and laugh, this would be a great book turned ''movie''. I've read many books and this author puts me in the mind of Zane, the author of the new book turned movie "Addicted". Jeanette Henderson deserves a chance to be put in places where she never thought she would be in her life, she's an inspiration to many people and I'm looking to buy and read more of her books. Thank you Jeanette for giving me this blessed opportunity to read your Book."
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