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Meet Jeanette

Jeanette Henderson was born in Madison County, Florida. She is the twelfth of fifteen siblings. She attended public school until her senior year, obtained a GED from Lake County Area Vocational Tech in Leesburg, Florida, and pursued her dream of attending college. She earned an ASW from North Florida Junior College in Madison, Florida, in 1976, transferred to Valdosta State College (now Valdosta State University) and obtained a B.S. degree in Criminal Justice. She then earned a BSN from the Valdosta State College Nursing School. Jeannette Henderson is married to Thomas Henderson III, is a mother of five, and is presently employed as a Psychiatric Nurse.
Jeanette Henderson’s daughter died in May 2000, after a five-month battle with metastatic cancer. The death and burial of her 34-year-old daughter was a major life-changing moment that tore at her innermost being. There were emotions she cannot describe. She writes “Fatal Promises” (published by Trafford Publishing in September 2004) to give herself the mental stimulation she needed to channel her emotions in a productive manner. Set for a new marketing campaign, this is a fictitious story with real-life overtones that allude to the ills of society in the historical South.